Rebecca Brianne Nelson

Marketing executive, designer, and creative strategist in Boston, MA.

About Rebecca

Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am a marketing executive, designer, and creative strategist living in Boston, Massachusetts. I am a cum laude graduate of Harvard University where I studied business, psychology and digital media and am deeply passionate about the intersection of all three. My professional experience in design, technology and retail management and operations has given me valuable insights into consumer behavior, CX strategy, and UX design with a deep intuitive understanding of client relations and project management. I am a doer who prospers in creative collaborative environments and is energized by big visions and ideas. 
Advanced in Adobe Creative Suite, I love pushing the creative boundaries of my clients, myself, and engineering teams to execute brilliant, distinct works. I have had the pleasure to work with a variety of clients including luxury goods, financial and cultural institutions, philanthropic organizations, tech startups, fashion and retail, and private clients. My passion for design and creative problem-solving drives my work ethic. As someone who thrives under pressure, I am always looking to grow and take on new projects, especially ones that require complex thinking and creative strategy.
In addition to working on select freelance projects, I serve as Head of Marketing for Shreve, Crump & Low – a luxury jewelry and watch brand in Boston, Massachusetts and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Rebecca's Websites

Each website and project below was conceptualized, designed and developed by myself and focuses on one of my many passions and interests.
Explore somewhere new, find what you love, support local shop owners, and help our communities thrive.
MainStroll is an immersive shopping aggregator and informational site that helps consumers find products, services, and attractions from their small, Main Street businesses nationwide.
MainStroll began as a small business initiative after witnessing the devastating economic impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on my community which relies heavily on tourism and foot traffic. I firmly believe our Main Streets are the foundation of a thriving community and strong local economy. My passion for small business, creative customer strategy and design fueled this social technology initiative.
content features on mainstroll
Shopping Aggregator
Maps Integration
Business User Portals
Data Stores
Premier tech management and digital strategy for Main Street.

21stMain is MainStroll’s sister site, a premier tech management company focused on helping Main Street businesses build, navigate and manage their online presence so they can focus on what they do best to serve their customers and community.

From basic digital wellbeing memberships to bespoke web design, operations and workflows that work with and for our clients, 21stMain helps small businesses thrive digitally, functionally, and beautifully from the inside out.

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Digital Wellbeing Memberships
Custom Web Design
Small Business Consulting
Luxury wedding invitations and stationery designed in New England.

BECCA Boston is a space for my luxury print design and wedding clients, an industry I have been passionate about and active in for the last six years.

Much of my research and creative strategy has been in the luxury stationery industry. After working exclusively with private clients for the past years, specializing in custom 3D and interactive invitations for events, BECCA Boston is my official namesake line of custom stationery. 

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Bespoke Invitations


Adventures in life, design + Boston

Bexpeditions is a for-fun space highlighting my favorite things including travel, photography, creative projects, shopping, late night thoughts, books and more.

I have been blogging for nearly 10 years and after a long hiatus, I came back with Bexpeditions- a travel and lifestyle blog focused on my years exploring and living in Europe.

Today, Bexpeditions explores my adventures in life, work and other creative and personal endeavors.

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Happy Learning Project
Address Book
Reading Tracker

Rebecca's Photography

I am a hobby photographer with a focus on vibrant travel and lifestyle.

My photography has been featured by various tourism and lifestyle outlets including Boston Globe Media, Visit New Orleans Tourism, Austrian National Tourism Office, Fodor's and more.

Rebecca's Design Work

As early as six years old I found my passion for design through a genuine curiosity and appreciation for how things were presented and arranged. This curiosity led me to frequently question my behavior as a consumer (my earliest memories of this are ice cream stands, grocery store candy aisles and toys in cereal boxes), the objective from the company's perspective, how I interacted with their product, and naturally, if I had the opportunity to redesign it, what I would change.

My professional career began at 18 as an in-house print designer on Beacon Hill. I transitioned to freelance during my years in Europe as a college student, finding a niche in luxury 3D and interactive print invitations for private clients. In addition to print design, I am also skilled in digital design and photo restorations.

Strategy & Research

My professional experience and degree in business has fueled multiple case studies, management, marketing and creative strategy projects I have had the pleasure to work on.

December 2019

Case Study: Crane Stationery An Old-Fashioned Product for a New Generation

After being in existence and family-owned for well over 200 years, Crane has been going through more changes than the company had ever seen in only the last ten years. The Berkshire-based company’s last family member left, it broke off into two separate companies and the employees bought one of...
March 2018

Enterprise Collaboration & Communication Strategy in Financial Services

Financial Services Company with international operations in the United States and in Europe that is faced with implementing an IT Upgrade to maintain Regulatory FINRA compliance with new requirements for the industry. Rather than purchase an out-of-the-box solution, we explore building a strategy that brings together Information Technology, Operations, Legal,...

Contact Rebecca

I would love to hear from you! If you have questions regarding website issues or services exclusive to MainStroll, 21stMain, BECCA Boston, or Bexpeditions - kindly use the contact form presented on those sites.