Rebecca Brianne

freelance designer, marketing consultant, and creative strategist in Boston, MA

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Hi there! My name is Rebecca and I am a freelance designer, marketing consultant, and creative strategist living in Boston, Massachusetts. I am a cum laude graduate of Harvard University where I studied business, psychology, and digital media, and am deeply passionate about the intersection of all three.
My professional experience in luxury marketing, web and print design, technology, and operations has given me valuable insights into consumer behavior, CX strategy, and UX design with a deep intuitive understanding of client relations and leadership. I am a doer who prospers in creative collaborative environments and is energized by big visions and ideas.Β 
Pairing my rapid visual communication skills with advanced expertise in creative and technical software, I love pushing the creative boundaries of my clients, myself, and engineering teams to execute brilliant, distinct works. I have had the pleasure to work with a variety of clients including heritage and luxury retail brands, financial and cultural institutions, philanthropic organizations, tech startups, small business, public figures, and private clients.
My passion for design and creative problem-solving drives my work ethic. I am always looking to grow and take on new projects, especially ones that require complex thinking and creative strategy.
Clients have endearingly referred to what I can do as “Rebecca’s bibbidi-bobbidi-boo effect.” I would love to hear more about what your needs are and see what we can create!

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2022 / 2023 Featured Projects

Marketing Strategy
Web Design + Development
Web Hosting + Maintenance
Lead Generation Strategy
Art Direction
Campaign Production
Media Buying + Advertising
Graphic + Catalog Design
Branding + Graphics
Presentation Design
Funding + Pitch Deck
Web Design + Development
Graphic Design
SEO + SEM Optimization
Web Design + Development
Web Hosting + Maintenance
Digital Innovation
Creative Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Web Design + Development

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Play & Learning Environments

Ideas, tools, and concepts that I’m learning about, forming, or developing use cases on, but do not have professional work to display.Β 

AI Chat

Learning to implement, train and teach AI how to naturally and accurately communicate, locate and sell a product on an eCommerce website to improve closing rates. In addition, teaching it to communicate like an experienced sales associate based on a brand’s unique messaging and communication guidelines. Developing use cases in luxury goods and real estate.

Metaverse Retail Design

Learning more about VR/AR spaces for the future of the web/web3, particularly for designing and building the future of eCommerce and immersive and functional retail experiences that bring the consumer closer to the feeling of shopping in-person.

If you have expertise or are working in this arena on behalf of a client, I would love to hear from you!

Rebecca's Photography

I am a hobby photographer with a focus on vibrant travel and lifestyle.

My photography has been featured by various tourism and lifestyle outlets including Boston Globe Media, Visit New Orleans Tourism, Austrian National Tourism Office, Fodor's and more.


As early as six years old I found my passion for design through a genuine curiosity and appreciation for how things were presented and arranged. This curiosity led me to frequently question my behavior as a consumer (my earliest memories of this are ice cream stands, grocery store candy aisles and toys in cereal boxes), the objective from the company's perspective, how I interacted with their product, and naturally, if I had the opportunity to redesign it, what I would change.

My professional career began at 18 as an in-house print designer on Beacon Hill. Since then, I found a niche in luxury 3D and interactive print design and later expanded to digital, presentation, and web.

Marketing: Shreve, Crump & Low

Creative DirectionDigital & Web DesignMarketingPrint Design
Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Advertising Strategy, Analytical, Attention to Detail, Business Development / Ideation, Content Creation, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Digital Innovation, Giving Feedback, Graphic Design, Ideation, Initiation, Lead Generation, Leadership, Media Planning, Multitasking, Organization, Photo Editing / Retouching, Print Design, Problem Solving, Project Management, Providing Support, Resourceful, Web Analytics, Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress

Josephine’s Birth Announcement

Creative DirectionPrint Design
Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Attention to Detail, Creative Thinking, Graphic Design, Ideation, Organization, Photo Editing / Retouching, Print Design, Problem Solving, Product Design, Project Management

Investment Deck: SXSW

Creative DirectionDigital & Web Design
Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Critical Thinking, Graphic Design, Ideation, Initiation, Leadership, Microsoft Office, Organization, Photo Editing / Retouching, Project Management, Providing Support

Photo Restoration & Colorization: Melcalf Child

Digital & Web Design
Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photo Editing / Retouching

Strategy & Research

My professional experience and degree in business has fueled multiple case studies, management, marketing and creative strategy projects I have had the pleasure to work on.

Main Street Strategy: Project Management Transformation and Productivity

Rugg Road Paper Company (β€œRugg Road”) is undergoing a transition after its recent purchase by Geraldine O’Hagan in May 2018 from Amy Madanick and Cassandra McIntyre, who opened the brick-and-mortar shop 25 years ago in Boston’s famous Beacon Hill neighborhood. Over the years, Rugg Road has established itself as one...

Case Study: Crane Stationery An Old-Fashioned Product for a New Generation

After being in existence and family-owned for well over 200 years, Crane has been going through more changes than the company had ever seen in only the last ten years. The Berkshire-based company’s last family member left, it broke off into two separate companies and the employees bought one of...

What are you working on?

What do you need help with?